Annual Registrar Prize

Registrar Prizes are awarded following presentation by candidates at the ANZAPS Annual Scientific Meeting.

Registrar Prize Rules

The Registrar Prize is open only to sepcialist trainees, non-accredited registrars, surgical residents and house surgeons, medical students and research Fellows.  All entrants must reside in Australasia or have conducted their research in Australasia, and with the exception of specialist trainess must not have been awarded higher degrees (eg FRCS, FRACS, PhD) more than two years ago.

Previous Registrar Prize Winners

1996 Best Clinical Presentation Dr Tracey Merriman (NSW) "Incarcerated Ovarian Inguinal Hernias"
Dr Brendan Bowkett "Pancreatic Trauma"
Best Scientific Presentation Dr Jill Orford (NSW) "Eosinophils and IL-5 Markers of Acute Rejection in Allograft Transplantation"
1997 (Christchurch) Best Clinical Presentation Dr Roy Kimble "Does gut atresia cause polyhydramnios?"
Best Scientific Presentation Dr Tom Clarnette "Exogenous cGRP can induce the testis to cross the scrotal septum"
1998 (Sydney) Best Clinical Paper (RACP) Dr Chris Kirby (Adelaide) "Paediatric Appendectomy: Comparative Appraisal Over a 25 Year Period"
Best Research Paper (RACP) Ms Nikki Wing (Christchurch) "Relationship of Tracheal Agenesis to Oesophageal Atresia in the Ardiomycin Induced Rat Model"
Best Poster Presentation (RACS) Dr R Kumar (Sydney) "Outcome of Children with Pelviureteric Junction Obstruction Presenting with Acute Renal Failure"
2001 (Brisbane) Best Clinical Paper Andrew Holland "Laser doppler imaging diagnosis of burn depth in children"
Best Research Paper Low Yee "The prognostic value of ductal plate malformation and other histological parameters in biliary atresia: An immunohistochemical study"
Best Poster Presentation S Singh "Duodenal atresia, vascular ring and subglottic stenosis - a case report"
2002 (Adelaide) Best Clinical Paper Dr Craig McBride (New Zealand) "Vesicoureteric Reflux and the Micturating Cystourethrogam - Do We Know What We Think We Know?"
Dr F Murphy (Adelaide) "The Increasing Usage of Ultrasound as the Primary Investigation in the Diagnosis of Groin Swellings"
Best Research Paper Dr D Arsic (Christchurch) "Expressions of SHH Protein in Rat Foregut Varies According to Embryological Stage"
Dr J Fraser (Brisbane) "Scarless fetal wound healing in response to deep partial thickness scald in the ovine model"
2003 (Sydney) Best Clinical Paper David Yeo (Sydney) "Delayed Repair of Paediatric Lacerations: Its Effect on Infection Rate Post-Operatively"
Best Research Paper John Fraser (Brisbane) "Deep Dermal Burn Results in Scarless Wound in the Ovine Fetus"
Best Poster Presentation Dejan Arsic "Disruption of SHH GLI Signalling Pathway Associated with Abnormal Foregut Development"
2004 (Melbourne) Nate Myers Clinical Research Prize Dr Sandhya Pillai (Auckland) "Gastrointestinal Complications Following Spinal Surgery in Children"
Best Laboratory Research Paper Dr James Wood (Sydney) "Minimally Invasive Intravesical Ureteric Reimplantation"
Parkash Mandhan (Christchurch) "Similarities in the Aberrations of the Intrinsic Innervation of the Foregut and Hindgut in Fetal Rats Developing Oesophageal Atresia and Imperforate Anus"
2005 (Townsville) Nate Myers Clinical Research Prize Dr Sebastian King (Melbourne) "Colonic Manometry in Paediatric Slow Transit Constipation Shows Consistent Deficiencies in Propogating Contractions Manometric of a New Disease"
Best Laboratory Presentation Mr Naeem Samnakay (Brisbane) "Early Changes in the Fetal Kidney in Ovine Bladder Outflow Obstruction"
Best Poster Presentation Dr James Wood (Sydney) "Minimal Invasive Intravesical Surgery: Are Port Closure and Bladder Damage Necessary?"
2006 (Sydney) Nate Myers Clinical Research Prize Mr Naeem Samnakay (VIC) "Fetoscopic Cord Ligation in Twin-Twin Transfusion: a Bi-State Experience"
Best Laboratory Research Paper Dr Sebastian King (NSW) "The Impact of Interferential Therapy on Paediatric Slow Transit Constipation: Manometric Evidence of Success"
Best Poster Presentation Dr Nicholas Chao (SA) "Topical Steroid Therapy for Phimosis: A Prospective Double-Blind Randomised Study"
2007 (Queenstown) Nate Myers Clinical Research Prize Dr April Wong (NSW) "Paediatric Treadmill Injuries: A Public Health Issue"
Nate Myers Clinical Research Prize Dr Efrant Harneen (VIC) "The Anatomy of the Cremaster Muscle During Inguinoscrotal Testicular Descent in a Rat"
2008 (Hong Kong) Nate Myers Clinical Research Prize Dr Michael Ee (VIC) "Paediatric arcuate ligament syndrome - the great masquerade with a definitive surgical treatment option?"
2009 (Fiji) Nate Myers Clinical Research Prize Dr David Lam "External Compression Bracing for Pectus Carinatum RCH Experience"
Dr Eddie Vaigalo Jnr "Vanishing Femur"
2010 (Perth) Registrar Prize for Presentation Dr Sarah Giutronich (NSW) "Aortopexy for tracheomalacia: highly effective in selective in selected infants"

2011 (Queensland)

Nate Myers Clinical Research Prize Dr Tzu-Chieh (Wendy) Yu (NZ) "Warm humidified carbon dioxide gas insufflation for laparoscopic appendicectomy in children: a double-blinded randomised controlled trial"
Best Student Presentation Prize Dr Wilson Choi (QLD) "Long-term review of gastroschisis reduction under analgesia in the neonatal unit"
2012 (Malaysia) Registrar Prize for Presentation Dr Iain Hennessey (UK) "A comparison of rbi2 and Noblett for rectal suction biopsies in children with suspected Hirschsprungs disease."
2013 (NSW) Best Research Paediatric Surgical Paper Mr Thomas Darley (VIC) "New Insight into the Pathogenesis of Bladder Exstrophy"
Best Scientific Poster Award Dr Maciej Szarek "Molecular Signals Governing Cremaster Muscle Development: Clues for Cryptorchidism"
2014 (Singapore) Best Research Paediatric Surgical Paper Dr Brendan Jones

"The hernia and the testis": a review of paediatric Spigelian hernia and the curious association with undescended testis"

2015 (Auckland) Best Research Paediatric Surgical Paper Dr Kiarash Taghavi "Revisiting the surgical anatomy of the DJ flexure in children"
2015 (Auckland) Best Scientific Poster Award Dr Latitia Kench "Ureteric stent complications"

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